Mehran’s Tohfa-e-Ramzan

The spirit of Ramadan is all sharing and caring. There is no feeling better than making someone’s Iftar a memorable experience. Not only does this please the Almighty but the happiness it brings to one’s heart is priceless.

This Ramadan; bring the spirit of the spirit of sharing and caring alive with Mehran. Tohfa-e-Ramadan is a carefully chosen gift pack with some of the most beloved Ramadan based items to brighten up anyone’s iftar. From delectable Pakora mix to our internationally renowned vermicelli and an assorted mix of sauces and recipe mixes makes Tohfa-e-Ramadan the ultimate Ramadan give away. And the best part, we get it delivered for you anyway across Pakistan.

How to gift someone Tohfa-e-Ramzan

It’s simple. Just fill in the form with your credentials and the details of the recipient along with the number of gift packs. Follow the simple process; finish the payment through bank transaction and we will deliver the Tohfa-e-Ramadan to the recipient’s door step. You can even choose to do it anonymously. Mehran wishes you all a blessed Ramadan.

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